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6 Decluttering Hacks for Your Kitchen

Submitted by Wren Kitchens

For a homeowner trying to sell, it may be particularly challenging to keep a kitchen spotless for impromptu showings. To help keep the space spick and span, Wren Kitchens(link is external) recently collaborated with professional organizer Rhiannan Morgan to reveal organizational tips and tricks for the kitchen.

1. Tackle decluttering first.

Organize the space. When deciding whether to keep an item, ask yourself the following two questions, Morgan suggests:

  • “Do I love it?”

  • “Do I need it?”

“If the answer is not yes to at least one of these questions, then it’s time to say goodbye,” she says.

2. Identify danger zones.

Kitchen drawers and other areas of the home are hotspots for clutter, according to Morgan. “Pretend you are a visitor and walk around your home to look for clusters of clutter,” she says. “It can help to make a video on your phone because when you play it back, you will likely notice clutter that you’re usually oblivious to.”

3. Keep all surfaces clean.

Make it a rule to keep as many surfaces as clear as possible in your home. Store any “stuff” in cupboards, drawers, and units so they’re out of sight. Anything left out on countertops is just more to have to clean. Another reason why you should clear things off surfaces is that “stuff” acts as a magnet to more “stuff.” If you were to simply dump something on a clear surface, it would stick out like a sore thumb, which would prompt you to tidy it up,” Morgan says. “If your surfaces are already cluttered, then one more thing will just go unnoticed, until you do not have any space left.”

4. Organize your shelves, cupboards, and drawers with baskets.

Photo credit: Wren Kitchens

“Avoid putting items directly into your cupboards, and instead, place your items into baskets,” Morgan suggests. “The basket system makes it easier to organize items into categories, meaning you can avoid a mismatched mayhem of cupboards. Plus, by sorting your cupboards with baskets, you can access the things you need much easier—and it will be quicker to clean.”

Photo credit: Wren Kitchens

5. Use vertical sorting.

The “kitchen pan lid chaos cupboard” is a common organization headache that is making the inside of cabinets and drawers a mess. Pan lids are an excellent example of where vertical sorting is a brilliant way to organize your items. Racks like the one below are ideal for keeping pan lids, chopping boards, and baking trays neatly sorted.

Photo credit: Wren Kitchens

6. Consider when you will need items.

You are naturally going to use some appliances or kitchen tools more than others. Morgan recommends that you organize the items based on how often you’ll want to access them. Keep the daily items closer within reach. This way, “you don’t need to rummage through all your cupboards when you need to find something quickly,” she says.

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